Should The SAS Brand Shoes Be Considered One Of The Most Comfortable Shoes Available ?

Hello everyone !!! Isaiah Sr. here. Today’s discussion is, are SAS Brand Shoes the most comfortable shoes available for women, and men ? And could they possibly be a comfortable solution to help heal and or support your feet ?

First, a bit of history on SAS. SAS, which stands for San Antonio Shoemakers, was founded by Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden, two men who met in Pittsfield Maine, while combining their talents to make quality, comfortable shoes. That inspiration then led them to San Antonio Texas, where they worked for a local shoe company, before deciding to start their own venture.

You see, Lou and Terry had a vision, a burning desire of making authentic, comfortable, quality shoes. And with the determination needed, the support of their families, with what they had earned and saved, they combined together and started their first factory, in a small space of an aircraft hanger, on the south side of San Antonio Texas. Thus was the SAS company born.

And though they started out with only thirteen Shoemakers and no advertising besides word of mouth, their reputation has grown and through dedication,quality and commitment of their work, they have become a name that people have learned to trust.

In 1985, they expanded to Del Rio, Texas to the point that they began featuring walking shoes, athletic shoes, women’s pumps, women’s flats, sandals and even boots for women. And as for the men, they provide shoes that are comparable to their women’s shoe line, but also include dress shoes, casual shoes that have S motion technology. See

The SAS shoemaker company provides products in an amazing 200+ company locations besides the. U.S. that includes Canada, Mexico, Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel and England to name a few.

The Origin and existence of SAS is truly a humbling, yet inspiring legacy to understand and embrace. Once again, I hope this article has been helpful, in helping you to make an informed decision.

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A Bit Of History On Timberland LLC That Went By The Name Of The Abington Shoe Company.

  1. Hi everyone and happy Holidays to all and many many more safe and joyful ones as well.

Today I’d like to share some history on the Timberland boot, shoe and outerwear Company.

Did you know Timberland was founded in 1918, approximately 99 years ago ??? It was founded by Nathan Swartz who was living in Boston Massachusetts. And though they are head quarters New Hampshire, they also operate offices in different parts of the world.

Mr. Swartz while living in Boston, bought half of the Abington Shoe Company in 1952 , mainly to do contract work for other manufacturers, and bought the other half in 1955. That’s right, just 3 yrs later, and that’s when he brought in his sons to help run the company.

In 1965, ( a year after I was born) lol, the Swartz Family introduced injection molding into the boot / shoe industry. And this is one instance when boots were made without involving stitching, in order to connect the sole of the shoe and the upper part together, and it also allowed the production of virtually waterproof boots, both warm and cold weather, depending on the customer.

They (the Swartz Company) moved manufacturing to New Hampshire in 1969, and in 1973 is when the company name was changed to Timberland and at that time they added casual and boat shoes to their line between 1978 and 1979.

In the 80’s Timberland spread to different areas worldwide, purchased a factory in Tennessee, supported Herman Swartz (son of founder Nathan Swartz), when the torch was passed to him, and he in turn implemented clothing and women shoes,and he was instrumental in the the selling of over 1 million pair of shoes. See Timberland Company- then click on history.

In 1986 when Herman Swartz was preparing to retire, even Nike and his brother offered to buy him out, that’s when his brother Sidney took on the role of CEO and brought in his son Jeffery to head International sales.

Also, in the 90’s and 2,000’s, Timberland added backpacks, watches, kids footwear, and as they expanded, their sales tripled as they gained popularity through the endorsements of musical Entertainer’s wearing their Brand.

And in June of 2011, Timberland merged with VF Corporation for approximately $2 billion dollars.

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The Journey Of The Red Bottom Shoe Dynasty, Traveled By Christian Louboutin.

. The journey  leading to peace and prosperity was often challenging , full of ups and downs and it started early in life for Christian Louboutin, Co-Founder of The Red Bottom Shoe Dynasty.(Click on

Born and raised in Paris France as the only son of a French cabinet maker( named Roger) and to his mom a home maker (named Irene), he also had three other siblings, three sisters.

Louboutin said in an interview held in 2012, that he had a much darker skin complexion than everyone else in the family, and did not feel French. And even though his family was French indeed, he still felt adopted. Yet instead of feeling terrible or like an outsider who had to somehow locate his biological family, he was inspired to create his own history where he admired Pharos and prominent figures of Egypt.

And believe it or not, in 2014′ one of his sisters revealed to him that his real Father an Egyptian and his mother(Irene) had an affair, that led to the birth of him.( See Christian then click on Early life.

At times, it was rough for him as a youngster. Three times his school expelled him, so at age 12 he decided to run away from home. That’s when his mother Irene agreed he could move in with a friend. And though many were against it, he still dropped out of school.

Surprisingly, he said that what helped him decide to stay out of school and pursue his dreams was an interview of the great Sophia Loren, where her sister was said to have left school as well when she to was only 12, but at age 50, obtained her degree.

And his brilliant reply was, since everybody applauded, I thought that if all else fails, at least I would be like the sister of Sophia Loren. lol.

Louboutin and Louis Benech his partner since 1997( a landscape Architect) have various homes and property that they frequent. A home in Paris, a cottage in Lisbon, a palace in Aleppo, a houseboat on the Nile to name a few, as well as a 13th century castle located in Vendee’ that he shares with Bruno Chamberlain, another business partner of his. ( See Christian Louboutin-,  stroll down and click on personal life.)

The career of Louboutin actually started out with the sketching of shoe drawings in his teens. And while he did not pay much attention to academics, he subsequently went through a growing phase and was also in a few films. Yet, his formal training was in drawings and decorative arts.

His first job was at the Cabaret, where he helped Entertainer’s backstage, as he himself was well known on the party scene, clubbing with the likes of Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol. 

      Louboutin’s fetish for shoes began in 1976, while visiting a museum in Africa, where he encountered a sign that prohibited women wearing sharp stiletto heels from entering that establishment for fear of damaging extensive wood flooring.

And since that picture stuck in his mind, he chose to defy that particular warning, and instead, to make something that broke the rules and gave empowerment and confidence to women.

World culture impressed Louboutin as a teen to the point that he ran away to Egypt and spent a year in India, yet returned to Paris in 1981, assembling his portfolio of elaborate high hill drawings.

He then presented them to those with influence, resulting in employment and eventually to meet and be mentored by Roger Vivien, who claimed to be the inventor of spiked hills and stiletto shoes.

From there, Louboutin freelanced designed women shoes for Chanel, Saint Laurent and Maud Frizen, but took a break for a while to do landscaping and gardening work. He also contributed to Vogue, but missed working with shoes and thus started his own company in 1991. ( See Christian Louboutin-, stroll down and click on career.

Needless to say, I can add yet even more insight concerning  his Dynasty, but it is merely my intention to share my opinion and hopefully help you all in making an informed decision.

And it is true that authentic Red Bottom shoes will not be everyone’s choice, but for those that are still interested and choose to purchase, (click on  Shorten URL with Then enter red bottom shoes/all into the the browser and began search to purchase. (Or click on

Now, let it be known that through the Amazon link, there may only be one style and limited amounts and sizes of authentic stiletto red bottom shoes for women available, along with similar products to choose from as well, and they will be titled according to the company’s name and style. And as for the men, I myself was not able to find any authentic red bottom shoes through Amazon. Was this information helpful ? Leave a comment if so, or if not please. We would love to read them and reply, or contact us at

Till next time take care, live well and God Bless. Sincerely, Isaiah Israel Sr.

A Interesting Review Of Ariat Boots International.

Hello everyone !!! Today’s Review will be  about Ariat boots, clothes and outdoor accessories.

  •      Let’s start by saying, Ariat International is very interesting indeed, to say the least.
  •          They produce a varied selection of performance products in the outdoor and work accessory industry, including boots, clothes and accessories for showcase horse sports and other outdoor events.
  •    The origin (or) beginning of their name brand started around 1993, in Union City, California, by founders Beth Cross and Pam Parker, when they recognized the opportunity to incorporate leveraging improvements into their line of footwear, by developing a revolutionized technology and construction of their products,  which improved comfort, fit and performance whether riding or walking.

The first boots that were shipped in 1993, received raving reviews from the athletes that required a certain type of shoe support in their sporting events. And in 2004, they launched their own line of performance riding apparel.

Today, Ariat International boast’s a wide array of boots,clothing, and gear including work boots and work wear, Western and English riding boots and apparel, and a fashionable footwear selection for the outdoor enthusiast as well. Click here to shop please. or here all ariat boots / shoes

And due to their commitment to quality, comfort and style, that has led them to expanding into Forty two different Countries, where they provide their products through retail outlets, thus making them the largest brand in the world that provides footwear and apparel products in the riding industry. See Ariat boot

And through sponsorship agreements within the equestrian industry, hunting riders, bull riders and single and team ropers to name a few,that is another avenue in which they promote their products, along with the World Wide Release of the 20th Century Fox 2015 movie debut, The Longest Ride, gaining even more brand awareness. See Ariat boot history- then stroll down and click on sponsorship.

And, to sum up this review , the definition of Ariat as it means to them and what they stand for is, Asian Regional Initiative Against Trafficking In Women And Children. I am very impressed, and I hope you are to. Hopefully, this information will be helpful in helping you make an informed decision.

If so, feel free to leave a comment and or email me at       Till next time, live well. Sincerely, Isaiah Israel SR.

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A Review Of , The Embracing Success Within The Florsheim Family.

  • Hello everyone !!! Isaiah SR here. And today’s Review will be on Weyco Group/ The Florsheim Family Shoe Dynasty of quality, comfort and style.

  • From the year 1872 until currently in 2017, a lot of planning, hard work, and taking risk has gone into the vision of the Florsheim Family Shoe Dynasty of quality, comfort and a unique style.

The idea and vision of  very comfortable dress boots and shoes,  along with an assorted lineup of water proof boots and shoes, started long before the actual marketing and selling took place.

In 1964, after parting ways with his father (Harold Florsheim), Thomas Florsheim SR. paid $750,000 dollars and became a partner with Frank Weyenberg of the Weyenberg Shoe Company, now going under the name of Weyco Group.

The Weyco Group purchased key shoe brands such as Nunn Busch and Stacy Adams, while working on another line of boots in Europe called The Brass Boot Line. And for whatever reason, when the Florsheim Group filed for bankruptcy (chapter 11) in 2002, Weyco Group bought some of The Florsheim’s Group stock. They also purchased UMI  in 2010, and bought the Combs Company and it’s Bogs and Rafters line of shoes.

Though the company favors leather dress shoes in the mid price range, along with man made materials and leather casual shoes,  through their continued pursuit of excellence through quality, comfort and style, they have been quite successful introducing a line up of boots designed for women, children, and men for the outdoors, agriculture, farming, gardening,  including sandals as well.

Weyco Group currently concentrates on two key business categories in North America. Wholesale and Retail.  The customers supporting their wholesale and retail chains are department and specialty stores, mostly located in the United States as well as in Canada.

In 2014, Weyco Group showed net sales of $320.5 million dollars. From the wholesale in North America alone, and it was $243.4 million dollars, and $23.3 million dollars from North America retail alone.   By 2015, Weyco Group had 16 company owned stores in the United States, along with an internet business as well. Now, whether you call it fate, luck, happen stance, grooming, the natural order of things, or even successful descendants naturally gravitating towards becoming rightful heirs, Weyco Group is now led by Thomas Florsheim JR. The great grandson of the founder of the Florsheim Shoe Company, Milton Florsheim. See Weyco Group – Wikipedia  then click on history and current business in lower categories (or menu). Would love to hear your comments, and reply to them. Also, feel free to contact me at To browse products and make purchases click on this link please.     Shorten URL with Tillnext time, take care.  Sincerely, Isaiah Israel SR.






Comfort And Style.

Hello everyone !!! Today’s topic is comfort and style.                           I’ve been surfing the web a lot lately and I have seen so many beautiful things to review and promote as well. Things like kids shoes, dress shoes, athletic shoes of all kind and color, work boots, casual boots,dress boots, along with casual shoes for women, children and men.

We have also located many different types of excellent clothing choices,  sun glasses, watches, bags for different occasions, so far leading up to quite a nice sized selection. So I will be working diligently to research these products for you and share my opinion with you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I’m sure you will agree, there is nothing like being able to have your shoes, clothing and accessories nicely styled (or presentable) yet fitting really comfortable.

Who Buys Stylish Shoes, Clothes And Accessories ?  Now some may say that style is not that important to them, due to their line of work. Especially those that are working in the trades of construction providing welding, plumbing, carpentry and masonry work. And even those working in restaurants, hotels, airports and casinos. That is understandable I am sure you will agree. As long as they are appropriately dressed for their line of work and in some cases, have the necessary industry apparel or clothing and protective gear, that being comfortable and getting the job done safely and correctly, is more of their concern.

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Why Not Try The Most Comfortable Boots For Women, Children And Men ??? With Fall, Winter And The Holidays Approaching Fast, Preparation For Those Seasons Should Be Under Way.

  1. Hey good people !!! Today’s topic is,the most comfortable boots for women, children and men. Well, as we all know, in most places, it’s pretty close to that time of the year, when boots will be pulled out from our wardrobe, or added to it. whether your in a cold snowy climate, or a rainy climate, or even if you are in an all year around sunny and or warm to hot climate. Either way, boots will be the order of the day, if they are not already. Even if it is only for work related purposes.

    For those here in North America, with the fall season approaching fast, and with the Winter snowy weather following it close behind, now is the time that most of us start to think about changing our shoes, clothes and accessories according to the weather.

    For the fall season, we begin to pull out those pants, sweaters, jackets and such. It’s this time of the year (the fall season) that wearing boots becomes more common (besides to work in)  and less uncomfortable.

    When the heat of summer is coming to an end, it’s pretty normal for us to pull out those casual and or even dress boots for some special occasions. For occasions like hiking on trails through the woods and such ,on up to formal engagements where those Hi top Stacy Adams dress shoes,  compliment that nice suit, shirt and tie.

    And yes, when our beautiful better half’s put on their attire, from hiking boots, on up to those noticeable lovely looking heels and that sexy skirt and blouse, or that evening gown and accessories, or even a well fitted female version of the business attire.

    Whatever the reason or occasion, the fall season is normally getting cooler and more boots and clothing is not unusual for us, but it is actually the norm.

    Then relatively close or at least  soon after fall for us, Old Man Winter or Jack Frost( as the saying goes) reminds us that it’s time to bundle up, Batton down the hatches, fire up the furnace, commence to cuddling and so on. LOL !!!

    Well, it’s this time of the year that not only is it normal to have a good pair of the most warm comfortable boots available, but, around this time of the year, it is actually not only required most of the time, but it is also recommended by love ones. That’s right, even I have to be on Isaiah JR. Reminding him to keep his coat buttoned up, his gloves, hat and scarf on and his boots tied up so he doesn’t trip or fall on the ice or snow.

    And though my parents are no longer living, yet I still hear their age old wisdom saying, son, stay bundled up and warm, it’s cold out. Enough about me, back to boots galore (if you will).lol

    Well when I think about it, I guess I do have a shoe fetish !!! LOL At least I can admit it. I quite regularly notice a varied assortment of boots and shoes being worn by children, women and men. To me a nice new pair of comfortable Boots or shoes, is definitely an eye catcher.

    It’s an excellent way to compliment ourselves as well as our wardrobe. A way to help build confidence, for me it is anyway. Yes indeed, a good pair of warm, comfortable, supportive boots or shoes during the Winter, is so helpful and essential to our well-being.

    So, no matter what the occasion, weather, or region of location is, we here at are here to help. Till next time, best wishes, God Bless !!! And for more information or any further questions, feel free to contact us by email at  Sincerely, Isaiah Israel Sr.

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Welcome to We Are here to help with the style and comfort of shoes, clothing and accessories.

We here at are here to help. We are here to help with stylish, yet the most comfortable shoes, clothing and accessories of varied sorts.  We review women’s casual shoes, dress shoes, athletic or sports related shoes , dress boots, casual boots, work boots of different types. And to wind down and relax after a busy day, we would recommend a nice selection of house shoes,slippers, moccasins, ugh boots, what ever you prefer. Then there’s the lineup of casual, dress, and activity related shoes for the children. An excellent selection to choose from. And last but not least, many of the most comfortable and stylish shoes available for the men. And we will do our best to be unbiased in our review and leave you with the decision to make an informed decision that’s best for you and your family. And, oh yeah, please don’t forget, eventually, we’ll be reviewing varied lineups of clothes and accessories to match whatever you choose to wear. So till next time, feel free to leave a comment, or contact us by email at And a safe journey to all. Sincerely, Isaiah Israel SR.